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Lice Shampoo & Lice Treatment for Your Family


At ClearLice, we have one goal in mind: to rid your child’s head of lice and nits. We understand how damaging a case of head lice can be for your family. Not only does your child experience the troublesome itch, but, if not treated quickly enough, the lice can spread to other family members, putting your entire household in a potentially harmful environment.

 Not only does the lice infection put your family at risk, but it puts any other child your youngster comes into contact with in harm’s way. Since most schools have a strict no-lice policy, you have to completely get rid of all lice and nits before they are allowed back into school or daycare.

 So, it makes sense that you will want to treat head lice with urgency. You want your child feeling better, and you want to act before the lice have a chance to spread. If lice have invaded your child’s head, what’s your first plan of action?

 Many parents are quick to run to the nearest convenience store for lice treatment. This might temporarily give your child relief; however, studies have shown that lice have now become accustomed to these harsh chemical treatments, making them less effective.

Don’t put your family through the misery of battling case after case of head lice. Rather than thinking you got rid of all lice and nits, only to find that they have returned, stop lice in their tracks – now.

Through numerous bouts of testing, ClearLice has created a natural product that is safe for your child’s head, while – more importantly – it gets rid of all lice and nits for good. With our available shampoo, conditioner, repellents, laundry additives, and household sprays, you never again have to worry about lice and nits invading your child’s head or spreading throughout your home!




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Natural Shampoo Conditioner for Head Lice Prevention

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